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Mid-July Progress Report at the Arches Site

There’s been progress at the Arches site and more planning is afoot.

(A refresher: We’re doing some creative placemaking, guided by neighborhood goals, led by local artists, and funded by the NEA and the City of Roanoke.  Want an overview? Watch a short presentation here.)

Here’s the update:

  • Sand has been cleared from the sandbox and artist Polly Branch is beginning work.
  • The footers of the bridge have received a base coat from artist Dan Kuehl. Stop by frequently to see what emerges from the minds and hands of the artist and his team of Patrick Henry High School Students.
  • Dates are set for performances under the bridge on four Saturdays in September. Each event will take place at 11 am and feature performance of books for our City’s youngest residents from Virginia Children’s Theatre.
  • Signs at the site let Greenway users know what’s coming.



Get project information here.


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