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Arches artists begin work

Mike Allen interviewed the Arches artists for The Roanoke Times in the Friday, July 2 issue of the newspaper.

Polly Branch and Daniel Kuehl have begun work on their respective projects, staging materials and cleaning the footers. As soon as debris is removed from the sandbox, Polly will begin work. Dan will rally students from Patrick Henry High School not long after the Independence Day holiday.

Check for progress as you take you strolls along the greenway, and mark you calendar for the four children story hours by Virginia Children’s Theatre — every Saturday in September at 11 AM.

Watch a short video about the project goals.

Here are some images of progress from the site to date:

Social distancing and safety on the worksite.  Polly reports: My friend Joshua Hazelwood, a personal trainer and massage therapist,  in red, enjoyed two days shoveling as his gym workout!.  Jay Burnette, wood carver “Old man in the wood” created a sand sifting mechanism and he has also carved zen rakes to add to the fun ideas stimulated by the sandbox project.
A big part of any art project is the preparation. Dan shows both scale and transformation of the footers before painting begins.
IMG_2466 2
Greenway signage updating the community.





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