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Values & Goals

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The Roanoke Arts Commission guided the community in affirming the following values as part of the 2011 Roanoke Arts and Cultural Plan.

• Advocacy
• Celebration
• Collaboration
• Education
• Innovation
• Inclusion

These values underpin our work in the Arches project. In partnership with neighborhood and arts leaders, we will model, refine, and expand this pilot process for community-driven arts projects. Additionally, as we look forward to the City’s emerging comprehensive plan, we adopt the theme of interwoven equity. As we undertake this process to advance the following established goals, we will repeatedly ask,

• Who is not involved?
• Who has not been invited?
• How can we build a better, more inclusive process to get a better outcome and stronger neighborhoods?


1. Develop our economy – A Vibrant Region-Healthy Economy

Strategically advance arts and culture as a significant contributor to the growth of the region and an essential element in the Roanoke brand by supporting our strongest assets while fostering a sustainable, collaborative public/private network that retains the flexibility required for innovation among artists, entrepreneurs, and arts organizations.

2. Increase livability – Livable Communities and Engaged Neighborhoods

Integrate arts and cultural activities in neighborhood-level planning so that our cultural heritage and contemporary assets are included in events, physical design and revitalization strategies of neighborhoods in a fashion that highlights local talent city wide.

3. Foster an environment of lifelong learning, participation and education

Increase access for all residents to the vast resources of schools, colleges, universities, institutions, organizations and publicly available arts and cultural assets.

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